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How Often Should You Get Your AC Serviced

If you’ve been reading up on energy efficiency or caring for your air conditioner, or if you recently needed repairs for your air conditioner and had a tune-up recommended after the fact, you may be wondering how often you really ought to be having your AC serviced. Many homeowners go years upon years without even thinking about maintenance for their air conditioner or heat system unless something goes wrong—at most, the average homeowner might remember to replace filters on time. So how often are you supposed to have someone out to take a look at it? Why should you even bother with scheduling AC maintenance? What else can you do to take care of your air conditioner? Recommended Service Schedule First, let’s answer the big question of service frequency. The simple answer is once every year, but there’s more to it than that. Most experts recommend annual maintenance for your air conditioner (and furnace) as a minimum, but this is assuming normal amounts of HVAC usage. However, if you live with someone who runs particularly hot, you may end up running your air conditioner two or three times as much as the average user. So, do you need more service …
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How Boilers Differ from Furnaces

Unsure whether your home has a furnace or boiler? Heard suggestions that you might prefer a boiler, but not sure what makes it different from a furnace? Don’t worry, we’ve put together this simple blog post to elaborate on the basic differences between the two, the benefits and drawbacks of a boiler as compared with a furnace, and how you might decide between the two if you’re on the market for new heating. Boilers vs. Furnaces To put it as simply as possible, a boiler is a heating system that heats water and then pushes that water through pipes. The pipes heat up and radiate heat into your home, sometimes with the aid of fins or other designs to spread the heat. A furnace, by contrast, heats air and then pushes that air through ducts to the various rooms of a building. Incidentally, a heat pump might also push hot air through ducts, but it doesn’t have to, as the main transference of heat happens through smaller refrigerant pipes. Benefits of a Boiler There are quite a few strong benefits to a boiler over a furnace. Radiant, moderate heat. The heat that radiates off your pipes with a boiler is much more …
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