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Ductless technology provides a simple solution to the most complex challenges in Lemont, IL and surrounding areas. There’s no giant renovation project, no aggravating mess or lengthy installation process. In most cases, ComforTemp Heating & Air Conditioning has your new system up and running in a single visit. A compact, quiet, outdoor compressor links to one or multiple indoor air handlers, permanently mounted up high on the wall. With little more than a three-inch hole in an exterior wall and access to electricity, you have access to zoned, efficient, and powerful heating and cooling.

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Target a single or several rooms, avoid paying for comfort in empty rooms, and with WiFi connectivity, adjust settings and programming from virtually anywhere. The air handlers are streamlined, attractive, and unobtrusive. Inverter technology allows the system to automatically adapt capacity to current demand, supplying only the exact amount of heating or cooling necessary. The result is outstanding energy efficiency and very evenly maintained temperature.

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