Expert HVAC Repair in Orland Park, IL

Having trouble with your heating or cooling systems? Whether it’s a big problem or a little problem, getting it resolved quickly is key to keeping the damage to a minimum and saving your wallet in the long term. When you need service in the Orland Park area, the support staff and technicians at ComforTemp are waiting to take your call and set out to get your system back to normal — any time, day or night.

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HVAC Repair Services in Orland Park

ComforTemp offers residents and business owners of Orland Park comprehensive HVAC repair services for all common forms of heating and cooling. More specifically, our repair services include:

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Signs You Need HVAC Repair

Homeowners often hesitate to call an HVAC technician out, even if their heating or cooling is completely nonfunctional — after all, it might start working again if you leave it! Unfortunately, this often leads to bigger bills as damage adds up uncorrected. To avoid this headache, take action when you spot any of these issues:

  • Air isn’t coming through ducts. If you aren’t getting any air from your ducts, you could have an obstruction or the fans for your system might be broken. Check the filter!
  • Air is the wrong temperature. Whether it’s not quite right or completely wrong, if the temperature of the air your system is blowing is wrong, it’s time for repairs.
  • Strange noises. Hear something weird from your system? Time to call professionals before it gets worse.
  • Unusual smells. Don’t treat strange scents from your heating or cooling systems as a minor curiosity. There are many reasons a system might smell bad, and none of them good.
  • Poor air quality or high humidity. When your system fails it often results in poor air quality. This can mean friction-induced pollution of your air, mold growth and pollen spores filtering through, or high humidity attracting pests and biological particle growth.
  • Exceptionally high energy bills. When your energy bills increase for no discernable reason, it’s often a problem with your HVAC systems.
  • Breakers tripping. The breakers on your HVAC system shouldn’t be tripping; especially not more than once.
  • Thermostat unreliable. If your thermostat isn’t sending good instructions to your HVAC, it’s going to disappoint (and likely cost you wasted energy).
  • Leaks. Refrigerant, condensation, and the contents of your boiler should all stay in their designated locations!
  • System restarting. Electronic components resetting? Pilot light going out frequently? It’s time to call a technician.
  • Constant running or cycling on and off. This can be indicative of some sort of failure in your unit, or a sign that it was wrongly sized from the beginning. Either way, it’s expensive to leave alone!

If these problems are affecting your HVAC systems, contact ComforTemp to schedule repairs today at 630-426-6796 or through our contact page.

Why Choose ComforTemp for HVAC Repair in Orland Park?

When you need your heating or cooling repaired quickly, it’s important that you choose the right team to get the job done. No one wants to have multiple days of unreliable heat or air conditioning because their HVAC technician didn’t figure out the problem correctly. With ComforTemp HVAC repair services, you’ll benefit from:

  • Our “Fixed Right” Guarantee
  • Our 1-Trip Guarantee
  • Our Free Estimates
  • Our Friendly, Experienced Technicians
  • Our Clean Home Guarantee

To find out more, or to schedule service in Orland Park immediately, contact ComforTemp today at 630-426-6796 or send us a message online.

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