Tinley Park HVAC Repair

When your air conditioning or heating unit breaks down, you need an experienced HVAC contractor and specialist at your home and fast. ComforTemp is known throughout Tinley Park and the Chicagoland area for providing excellent customer service. We provide a wide range of solutions designed to meet your every need. For over 10 years we have served the Chicagoland area with all their HVAC needs. We take pride in being trained on all the latest equipment and practices. We offer a comprehensive preventative AC and heating maintenance package designed to prevent any leaks, drains, built up dust and debris and any other problems that may occur. ComforTemp’s team of technicians and contractors are qualified experts, each committed to servicing your specific needs. Whether it’s Air Filter & Fin Cleaning, AC Condensor & Evaporator Coil Cleaning, Drain & Leakage Checks, Coolant Level Checks, and overall inspection of the unit. We believe in providing an outstanding service for our clients at an affordable price.

Tinley Park HVAC Repair

We all know it can be uncomfortable when the air is too warm, cold, humid, or dry for the occupants or inhabitants. Neglecting to service your AC or heating unit can lead to an AC unit that isn’t cooling and a heating unit that blows out cold air. At times such as these, there is only one choice for you. ComforTemp’s team of trained and qualified technicians and contractors. Regular service and maintenance on your heating and air conditioning unit can save you money on energy bills, enhanced air quality, extended equipment life span, and lower the cost of repairs if there is any. For over 10 years we have served Tinley Park and the Chicagoland area with all their HVAC needs. Our HVAC technicians and contractors have serviced thousands of heating and cooling units so they can handle any problem you may have. By maintaining and servicing our customer’s equipment, we ensure that their set-up is in the best condition. This drives down your energy bills and regular air conditioning and heating service see you are protected against any sudden or unexpected breakdowns. If you are in Tinley Park or the surrounding neighborhoods and need a trusted HVAC contractor call, ComforTemp

Tinley Park

Tinley Park is a village located in Cook County, Illinois, United States, with a small portion in Will County. The population was 56,703 at the 2010 census. It is one of the fastest growing suburbs south of Chicago. Tinley Park was listed as one of the 50 safest cities in America. As of the 2010 census, there were 17,478 households, and 12,793 families residing in the village. The median income for a household in the village was $61,648, and the median income for a family was $71,858. For all your HVAC needs ComforTemp. is here for you. We provide regular preventative air conditioning and heating maintenance to keep your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units operating at peak efficiency. ComforTemp’s HVAC technicians are trained to repair any heating and cooling units and systems you have. If you are in Tinley Park and are looking to install, repair or service an AC or heating unit call us at ComforTemp. For more information about our HVAC solutions, just pick up the phone and call us at – (630) 426-6796.

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