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Having trouble with your air conditioner or heating systems in Homer Glen? Even if it doesn’t seem like much, it’s always going to be best to have a technician look at your system to restore it to full normal function — if only to save you from the headache of bigger repairs down the line, when that problem grows bigger. When the time comes to call for HVAC repairs, you can trust the full-service residential and commercial HVAC technicians at ComforTemp to get the job done right — in one trip.

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HVAC Repair Services in Homer Glen

We understand that it’s important to keep your HVAC systems running in top condition, for peace of mind, productivity, and quality of life — to say nothing of the likely wasted energy, safety issues, or damage to your home that certain unmanaged issues can cause. Our repair services include:

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Signs You Need HVAC Repair

It’s common for homeowners and business owners to hesitate to call an HVAC specialist, even when their system’s not working at all, out of the hope that it will all resolve on its own. If you’re not sure whether to call us, here are a few common signs of trouble with your heating and/or cooling:

  • Air isn’t coming through ducts. A few things can cause this, mostly obstructions or leaks. If none of your systems push air, it’s likely a duct problem.
  • Air is the wrong temperature. When your heat gets cooler or your air conditioner gets warm, or your heat pump refuses to swap back and forth, it’s time to call.
  • Strange noises. Squealing belts, weird thuds, and electrical noises are just a few of the sounds that you might hear to indicate a developing or serious problem.
  • Unusual smells. Your HVAC shouldn’t smell funny, though it’s possible you just have a contaminant in your ducts.
  • Poor air quality or high humidity. An HVAC system in disrepair often produces pollutants in the air or allows exceptional amounts of humidity or other contaminants into your home.
  • Exceptionally high energy bills. When you see your power bill double and there’s no reasonable explanation, suspect your HVAC system.
  • Breakers tripping. A system tripping breakers frequently is a system with serious electrical issues.
  • Unreliable thermostat. A thermostat that isn’t working is one of the most common issues an HVAC system might have, and it can cost you big to ignore.
  • Leaks. Water and refrigerant should stay inside of your air conditioner, heat pump, and boiler systems — period!
  • System restarting. System turning on and off a lot, pilot light going out, or similar issues? Don’t ignore it!
  • Constant running or cycling on and off. Whether this is an old problem due to a poorly chosen unit for your house size, or a new one due to disrepair, it’s time to talk to a pro.

See these problems in your Homer Glen home or business? Reach out to ComforTemp at 630-426-6796 or send us a message to schedule HVAC repair service.

Why Choose ComforTemp for HVAC Repair in Homer Glen?

When your heating and cooling give you trouble, you don’t want to deal with that headache for long. That’s why when you choose ComforTemp, you’ll benefit from quality service every time, with a focus on customer satisfaction.

With ComforTemp HVAC repair services, you’ll benefit from:

  • Our “Fixed Right” Guarantee
  • Our 1-Trip Guarantee
  • Our Free Estimates
  • Our Friendly, Experienced Technicians
  • Our Clean Home Guarantee

Choose ComforTemp for your HVAC repair needs today. Schedule service or learn more by contacting us online or by dialing 630-426-6796.

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