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Is the heating or cooling system in your Woodridge home acting up, or at least making you suspicious? Maybe you’ve noticed your energy bills creeping up for no good reason, things feel just a little bit too warm or cool even though the thermostat is set right, or you’ve noticed strange noises or smells when the HVAC blows.

Whether you see these subtle symptoms or something more overt, it’s important to act quickly and retain the services of professionals like the team at ComforTemp Heating & Air Conditioning to resolve the problem thoroughly and rapidly. Our team of trained technicians will alleviate your HVAC woes as quickly as possible.

To schedule HVAC repair services in the Woodridge area, call us at 630-426-6796 or reach out to us online. We look forward to helping you out!

Heating Repair in Woodridge

Is your heating failing you? Don’t put off repairs and ignore the warning signs; the sooner you resolve any problems you’ve noticed in your heating systems, the better. Here are just a few of the common symptoms of a heating problem:

  • Blowing lukewarm or cool air
  • Not blowing at all
  • Strange smells or noises
  • An unreliable thermostat
  • Pilot light problems
  • Leaks
  • Energy bills increasing for no reason
  • Constant cycling

Furnaces. Our team can work to repair a variety of furnaces, including electric, gas, and oil-based systems. Let us get your furnace back to normal in no time.

Boilers. Prefer the gentle heat and high efficiency of a boiler system? While most boilers rarely need repairs, when a problem does arrive, fixing it quickly is critical due to the damage water can cause to your home and the rest of your system.

Heat pumps. Heat pumps offer incredible efficiency and need relatively little maintenance or upkeep, but problems do occur. Certain problems, like refusing to switch back from cool air due to reversing valve problems, are a bit more common.

Get your heat back today. Reach out to us by dialing 630-426-6796 or contact us online to schedule service now.

Cooling Repair in Woodridge

When your air conditioner fails you, it doesn’t take long for your quality of life to plummet. Usually, you’ll have some warning signs; your system won’t quite run right, strange noises, etc. Avoid ending up with a completely nonfunctional system when you need it most by knowing the common signs that you need repair:

  • Warm or lukewarm air
  • No air blowing at all
  • Decreased air quality
  • Air never stops blowing
  • Constant on and off cycling
  • Energy bills go up for no reason
  • Refrigerant or condensation leaks
  • Freezing heat exchangers
  • Strange noises or smells

AC units. We service all common air conditioners, including central units, all-in-one packaged HVAC units, and more. Let us get your cool air flowing again.

Heat pumps. Whether you’re using a heat pump as part of a duct-based HVAC system for heating efficiency or have ductless mini-splits with refrigeration lines, our team can help get things back to normal in no time.

Don’t be beat by the heat. Call ComforTemp Heating & Air Conditioning today at 630-426-6796 or reach out to us online.

Importance of Making Repairs Quickly

When you notice one of these signs you need repair, it may be tempting to put it off if your unit is still more or less working; you might not be quite as comfortable, but it’s not a big deal to wait, right?

Unfortunately, problems with your HVAC systems tend to compound if left alone. What starts as a minor problem that can be repaired in place becomes a damaged component that needs to be replaced entirely; a single damaged component often turns into additional damage to your home or unit if left unattended.

Ultimately, the sooner you repair the damage, the cheaper it’s going to be. This is another way regular tune-ups save you money, as problems are found while they’re still quite small and inexpensive to resolve.

Why ComforTemp?

At ComforTemp Heating & Air Conditioning, we take client comfort seriously. We only recommend proven HVAC products we know we can trust to work for you. We always aim to be known for reliability and professionalism and help our customers always feel confident in choosing us and our services for repairs, replacement, maintenance, and any other HVAC service.

Choose ComforTemp Heating & Air Conditioning today to repair your residential or commercial HVAC systems. Dial 630-426-6796 or contact us online to schedule service any time, day or night.

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